Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mooji Quotes

Trust your Heart. Value its intuition.
Choose to let go of fear, and to open to the True and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity and joy of Being.

Bondage and liberation are conceptual traps which,
through the illusory power of mahamaya (cosmic mind),
deludes the already free beingness,
thus converting it into the illusory 'seeker' entity.
We are conscious presence only,
eternally free, formless, happy and whole.
The good news of satsang is this: YOU ARE THAT ! effortlessly witnessing the consciousness expressing. Yet we remain untouched as timeless existence, awareness-joy absolute.

Develop the habit of thinking of yourself as consciousness,
Not as the body or a person.
Do not associate yourself with any object or concept,
however appealing, and the personal,
the cause of all miseries will dissolve.
Remain in the state of space-like awareness,
free from all notions.
This is the path-less path to timeless Awareness.

If you want to make God laugh
Just tell Him about your plans!

When you are curious - you learn.
When you are desperate - you discover.

You never have to prove your own worth,
for you are already complete within
as the beloved child of the Divine. Be happy.

Just see, nothing is actually touching you when you just observe, when you don't say 'this should not be'.
Pay attention to this wonderful power in you.
Just witness without judgement, interference or attachment. Give it a chance.

Your life is unfolding naturally.
Leave it be! It does not need any help.
Stay as neutral awareness.

My love, leave behind all this fruitless thinking
And come lay down here in the silence of Being.

When we look with the 'I'
We dream.
When we look for the 'I'
We awaken.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

On Desire (desirous attachment)

Quotes from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

  • Desires fulfilled breeds more desires
  • The satisfaction of desires breeds misery
  • Freedom from desires is bliss
  • Craving born of memory is also the destroyer of memory
  • Keeping away from desires... is a very fruitful state

Quotes from Geshe Kelsang

  • to be completed

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Thoughts from Getting Wealthy Seminar

  • Every moment we are sewing the seeds of our future experiences (good or bad)
  • Every thought we have or action we take plants a new seed
  • Every moment we have the opportunity to create a great future
  • When we are lazy, no seeds are sewn
  • Whatever we pay most attention to grows
  • The more we give, the better we feel

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Eckhart Tolle Quotes

Quotes from The art of PRESENCE
  • What is your relationship with the present moment? Are you trying to escape from it?
  • Presence grows in you
  • Don’t make your life into a means to an end
  • As long as there’s self [in thought], then there’s suffering
  • Suffering is thought-made
  • You [realise that you] don’t have to be great and then you are great. Life is full of paradoxes
  • Most people are so continually lost in their life situation that they miss life, which is now
  • What is the reality here and now? What is the problem here and now? None!
  • If there is something I can do about, then do it, or surrender to what is
  • Don’t wait for life to take future away from you. Relinquish future!
  • Carrying the burden of self into what you do greatly reduces your sense of aliveness
  • The burden of self is mind stuff, a concept
  • Emotions are just thoughts passing through – there's no substance to them
  • [When you realise] that the “me” consists of a bundle of thought forms and memories, then it dissolves
  • You are not the character, but the dreamer of the character, the consciousness behind it all. You’ve made it all up!
  • You’re not looking for yourself in the dream any more.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


I love dancing! It's the one thing that I regret not doing more of in my life, and I hope to change that very soon! Anyway, I came across this wonderful video made by Matthew Harding, who travelled the world dancing, either on his own or with some of the locals. It is such a beautiful piece of work, and so heartwarming to watch. It's so inspirational. I would like to thank Matthew for making this amazing film. If you get a moment, take a look, it's great!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

The ISA Experience

From the ISA Experience

  • You are the creator of your life and your experience, not a victim to it
  • You are in charge - it takes work to be the source
  • The purpose of ISA is to transform your ability to create life
  • Beliefs are your anchors and they keep you stuck
  • Your word is law in your universe - it's how you create your reality
  • What do you want in your life? Reasons or Results? It takes ACTION to create results!
  • I almost made it! What does trying really mean?
  • There's no reality in a concept. You are the source.
  • Health is a function of your consciousness
  • Rocks are hard, water is wet, and that's the way it is
  • Be of service
  • What you resist persists - just patiently accept

From the GIT

  • I am fearless, passionate and giving
  • My purpose in life is to have fun, be creative and be present

I am capable of:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Regularly giving to others
  • Having and maintaining a healthy relationship
  • Overcoming my fears and pushing my boundaries
  • Relaxing and having fun
  • Being a good and supportive friend
  • Being present and happy in my own skin
  • Being responsible for my health and happiness
  • Being disciplined and keeping to my agreements

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Quotes from Shantideva

On desire

If your main interest is attractive forms,
Why do you not prefer to touch such things
As beautiful young flowers
Rather than desiring others' bodies, which are just cages of filth?

If we were to remove [the] skin,
We would realise that they are not an object of desire
But an object of aversion;
So why do we develop attachment for others' bodies?

Once you have understood
That, when the skin is removed,
The body gives rise to great aversion,
How can you ever derive pleasure from it again?

On the madness of life

We could have attained the state of a Buddha
For a fraction of the difficulty!
Worldly beings experience much greater suffering than those who follow the path to enlightenment -
And yet they do not attain enlightenment as a result!

When we are young, we do not have the resources to support a partner;
And later we are so busy that there is no time to enjoy ourself.
When at last we have accumulated the resources we need,
We are too old to indulge our desires.

Some, under the influence of desire, work like slaves.
They tire themselves out working long days
And, when they return home in the evening,
Their exhausted bodies collapse like corpses.